What is Moissanite?


Moissanite is a rare and naturally occurring gemstone that was first discovered at a meteorite crater site in Arizona. Originally mistaken as a natural diamond, it was later determined that moissanite is a distinctly different stone that is in fact composed of silicon carbide. 

Whilst natural moissanite crystals are almost impossible to find, scientists have been able to successfully replicate and grow moissanite in a controlled lab environment. Each of our Vosali™ moissanite gemstones is carefully graded for quality so that it matches the composition of a natural moissanite. This intense consideration for excellence ensures that you receive the highest quality stone that will maintain its shine and beauty.

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Benefits of Moissanite


  • Extreme durability: Moissanite (rated at 9.25) is harder than most gemstones. It is also highly resistant to scratching, and holds its shape without showing wear and tear.
  • Exceptional brilliance: Moissanite displays 10% more brilliance and 2.4% times the sparkle than diamonds. This visual impact makes it an unquestionable alternative to natural and lab diamonds.
  • Ethical Commitment: We take great pride in our commitment to environmental and ethical responsibilities in the creation of our moissanite gemstones. Our meticulously crafted moissanites in a lab environment makes it a superior, sustainable and conflict-free gemstone.
  • Unbeatable price: Moissanite share many similar characteristics as a diamond but can be had at a fraction (1%) of the cost, relieving you of a huge burden when it comes to making an important financial decision.

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