Our Story


The Beginning

The Vosali brand was first envisaged by the two founders Luke and Will, after personally experiencing the financial struggles planning their respective engagements to their partners. They adopted the traditional view that an expensive diamond ring was the only socially acceptable path towards a memorable proposal and a happy marriage.


The Struggle

However, this overpriced investment naturally drained most of their hard earned savings. Many milestone events that they had hoped to experience with their partners sooner (honeymoon, buying a home and starting a family), had to be postponed till later. In fact Luke and Will soon realised they weren't alone in this predicament and many of their friends also fell into this vicious cycle of financial entrapment. Something had to be done to help others break out of this cycle, as everyone deserves to experience the freedom of choice to plan out their lives with their loved ones without constraints.


The Revelation

Luke and Will decided to join forces and began their search for a diamond alternative that will not break the bank. After researching countless gemstones and reviewing their characteristics and supply chains, one stone stood out above them all - Moissanite. Not only does Moissanite possess many of the same gemmological characteristics as a diamond, but it can also be ethically manufactured and distributed at a fraction of the price - the perfect solution for those on a budget and yet still desires that stunning look and feel.

And so the Vosali™ brand was born.


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